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Erin Horn

Optometric Technician, Vision Therapist

Erin joined Outreach Vision in 2021 with an extensive background in early childhood education. She comes to us with much knowledge of child development. She spent nearly 18 years as either a teacher in the classroom or a director of a center. Erin has a natural magnetism toward children and they tend to gravitate to her as well.

Making sure that children know and understand the world at their level is important to Erin and she takes the time to get on each child's individual level to be sure they truly grasp new concepts.

Recently, Erin decided to venture away from the education industry and has been working as the office manager for a large nonprofit organization. She gained many new skills that she hadn't had the chance to develop in her former positions.

When the opportunity arose, Erin knew that her skills in these two fields would serve well in Dr. Jenks' office. She prides herself on further education and is always excited to learn new skills and is excited to earn new certifications in the optometric field.

In her spare time Erin enjoys being outdoors to explore nature with her daughter, as well as spending time with family and friends. Her hobbies include many different avenues of art and creative expression and she has passed that passion along to her daughter also. They love coming up with new craft projects almost daily. Erin hopes that her friendly demeanor and positive outlook will make a difference in every patient that we see here in the office!